Star Burst

Job Description

My office was in need of a major face lift and what a better place to demonstrate my skills and
NSW Spotted Gum Star Burst different types of installation methods including borders and patterns.

The old existing carpets were removed and the concrete moisture was checked.

A black plastic moisture vapour barrier was installed to prevent any sub floor moisture issues followed by a 12 mm plywood sub floor which was laid in a brick bond pattern and pinned with 50 mm power spikes drilled into the concrete.

The main Star Burst pattern consists of over 60 NSW Spotted Gum boards that were individually cut by hand then the sides were grooved to accept a tongue before being glued and secrete nailed. The main field of the floor is a 83 mm x 14 mm NSW Spotted Gum laid on a 45 degree angle.

Once the glue of the main floor was dry the boarder, the middle insert and circular boarder of the star burst was cut and routed ready for the final installation.

The middle insert consists of 4 pieces of solid Jarrah cut into a square while the Jarrah circular boarder consists of 4 separate pieces of Jarrah timber hand cut and bent to fit into the boarder.

Finally the log cabin boarder was installed around the perimeter of the floor.

The floor was subsequently sanded and coated in 2 coats of Whittle Traditional Hard Wax and the end result is a durable environmentally friendly floor that completed the renovated study.

Job Details:

Job Type: Replacement
Original Timber: NSW Spotted Gum
Selected Coating: Whittle Traditional Hard Wax