Care & Maintenance

For cleaning, care and maintenance for your Hard Wax Floor follow the link to the manufacturers page Whittle Waxes.

1. Matting
2. Daily Sweeping
3. Weekly Damp Mopping
4. Regular Recoating

Caring for your new polished timber floor is a very simple and quick process, which will keep your floor looking good for years to come.

Newly coated floors can usually be walked on the next day depending on the outside temperature and weather, but care is advised as full curing usually takes 3- 10 days.

Do not wash your floor for the first 10 days. Only sweeping with an electrostatic mop is advised.

Dust and dirt are the main causes of floor wear. The use of mats in external entries can reduce the amount of dirt which enters the house by up to 80%. Electrostatic mopping of your floor regularly will keep it free of dust and dirt, the floor should be washed regularly with a damp cotton grade mop . Avoid harsh detergents and abrasive cleansers.

Wipe up spills immediately with a clean damp non abrasive cloth. Prolonged contact with some spillages may cause permanent marking.

Avoid dragging furniture over the floor at any time as it can easily mark or scratch the surface. Use protective pads on the bottom of all furniture legs, these can be purchased from any hardware store.

Re-coating your floor at regular intervals is essential for the prolonged life of your floor. Floors under normal wear conditions will need re-coating every 5 years on average, if your floor is subject to high traffic this interval may be as little as 3 years.

WE DO NOT GUARNTEE RECOATING ON OTHER PEOPLE’S WORK due to some coatings incompatabilty with each other.